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Share what you learned with other entrepreneurs. Teach classes at Black Wall Street National. Our Community teaches our community.

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Join and become a part of a thriving community of Black entrepreneurs and business professionals, moms, dads and students. Find businesses, shop your favorite brands, join social groups, virtual events and more. With features that include chat rooms, groups, forums, and posts - it's easy to find like-minded people and create long-lasting friendships with other members.

Join and become a part of a thriving community of Black entrepreneurs and business professionals, moms, dads, and students. Find businesses, shop for your favorite brands, join social groups, virtual events, and more. With features that include chat rooms, groups, forums, and posts – it’s easy to find like-minded people and create long-lasting friendships with other members.

Virtual Black Wall Street

The Social Network for Connecting with Black Businesses and People

The Black Wall Street National is more than another website. We bring the voice of Black influencers, businesses, and consumers together in a safe place with no blocking accounts. Our mission is to build together and grow. We understand you may have a website or other platform you use to buy or sell from. We ask you join us as we build our own community and understand that if you are a business, the percentage we make helps us keep membership free and fight gentrification across our neighborhoods throughout the nation.

We are Black Tech Geeks and we have the knowledge and resources to keep this platform growing. We use our own money to build and grow Black Wall Street National because we believe this is what our community needs. Join us for free, easily shop Black-owned and let’s grow together. If we Link up, we can Raise up!

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If you are an influencer or a voice in the community bring your following over. Keep your community without the need to worry about getting shutdown like other social media platforms. We welcome you and your contribution to the community.

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If you have an idea to make the community better, let us know. We want to hear from you.

Black Communities

There are a lot of black communities, which is why we are partnering up with and connecting everyone. The key is highlighting everyone's efforts and recycling the black dollar. We only win if we all win. Let's link up so we can Raise up.

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The History of Black Wall Street By One United Bank

Black Wall Street has a special place in American history as a platform that paved the way for Black communities and businesses to thrive. Not too long ago Black men and women were not allowed to own property. We faced violence and freedom restrictions, such as being stripped of the right to vote, and endured other forms of racial segregation and race-based legislation. Despite this, a sense of community and faith bloomed among Black neighborhoods where isolation and segregation was the norm. Black people gave each other a place for community, safety, and economic support. ….

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You’ve worked hard for your followers. And no one should should wake up to a message saying their page is at risk of being depublished with the appeal button greyed out but that’s what a lot of our followers have had happen to them. 

Our Response: Years of building up your followers takes time and should be celebrated. In fact, we believe you should be rewarded which is why we provide incentives for you to do just that! Introduce your followers to products and services and get paid all from the platform!

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Now you can shop all year long and buy from your favorite brands. Discover more black-owned companies in a way never done before. We are connecting all black-owned companies on one platform. Not only can you shop but you can also socialize and find like minded people just like you and connect! 

If you have a product or service you want to sell, we are here just for you. Business must be black-owned.



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Coming Soon

App is Right Around the Corner

We are extremely excited to announce the upcoming  launch of our mobile app. 

With our App, you can connect with your followers easier than ever before. You will be able to take classes from the app as well as live messaging and so much more. We are looking for Beta testers, if interested, click the button below.

Black Wall Street National

our Mission is to fight the displacement of our people due to gentrification in a simple and sustainable way, by connecting black people & businesses throughout North America via a social marketplace where the proceeds Go Back Into The Communities And Are also used to reinforce our neighborhoods.

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